Worried Your Mass Media Campaign Could Fail? Yes, You’re Not ALONE!!

198 Media Marketplace Gives YOU The Information and Expertise to Succeed at Mass Media Campaign – No Matter What Your Project, Background, or Perceived Chances Of Success.

All over the world people with deserving projects are turning to Mass Media Campaigns. In the highly connected digital age, this is a revolution in how good things happen.

No longer do you need to take out huge personal loans, or befriend the rich, or depend on your local, national and global media to pick up your story. Now you can simply set up your Mass Media campaign, get your own platform and launch no none-sense Hypnotic Mass Campaigns in over 200 nations

But if it were only that easy!

The history of recent Mass Media campaign is littered with failed attempts. The vast majority of Media Campaigns are left to Rich Corporations, Government agencies and even Millionaires who can afford to hire high priced Public Relations Firms to craft compelling Mass Media Campaigns!! Yes, students, individuals, small to medium business are left wondering what they can do to garner the same local, regional, national and global mass media attentions!!


Even though you know your business or project in detail, you aren’t a Mass Media expert. There are a huge number of do’s and don’ts that must be done exactly right. Step on one crack and uh-oh, you’re campaign is destined for failure.

But do everything RIGHT and you could quickly be looking at ALL the Media Exposure YOU need to be known and right in the Media and on your way to becoming the Expert In Your Own Right. Review Extremely Successful Campaigns from 7 continents and see for yourself what works!!

198 Media Marketplace collects examples so you can see what works and what doesn’t. Here you can study the efforts that lead to major success. You can also find out what NOT to do by looking at those who had high hopes but fell flat.

We have a team of highly experienced Mass Media professionals.

198TILG Mass Media Campaign Consultants.. 198 nations

198TILG Mass Media Coaches … 198 nations

198TILG Mass Media Launch Manager .. in 198 nations

We know Mass Media Campaign inside and out. But before this, we spent decades running successful Rare Grassroots Backdoors campaigns that used the same promotion and persuasion techniques needed for Mass Media Campaign Huge Success!!

Your Magnetic New Age Hypnotic Mass Media Campaign

(1) 198TILG Publishing Support Team.
Provides local, national and global publications of all contents in over 200 nations

(2) 198TILG Media Marketplace Support Team
Provides News worthy articles, press releases and optimizations of all contents

(3) 198TILG Crowdfunding Support Team
Provides updated crowdfunding contents that promotes and engages multiple audience across the globe

(4) 198TILG Business Support Team
Provides local, national and global business promotions

(5) 198TILG Viral Video Support Team
Provides daily, weekly and monthly video productions and replications

(6) 198TILG Student Social Media Support Team
Providing local, national and global student viral engagements

(7) 198TILG Facebook Group Support Team
Provides daily and weekly facebook groups contents, videos and more

(8) 198TILG Social Media Support Team
Provide hourly, daily, weekly and monthly relevant social media contents

(9) 198TILG Linked Promotions Support Team
Provides Linkedin updates, Pulse Publications on a daily basis

(10) 198TILG Amazon Publishing Support Team
Provides daily and monthly amazon publishing, optimization and advising

(11) 198TILG Press Release Support Team
Provides targeted news worthy press releases

(12) 198TILG Original Contents Support Team
Provides Hypnotic original articles, press releases and news articles

(13) 198TILG Comments and Sharing Support Team
Provides daily, weekly and monthly comments and sharing of all contents

(14) 198TILG Directory Profile Support Team
Create profiles on local, regional, national and global directories

(15) 198TILG Pinterest Support Team
Providing Customized pinterest boards and optimizing and share

(16) 198TILG Video Testimonials Support Team
Provides local, regional, national and global video testimonials

(17) 198TILG Reviews Support Team
Provides local, regional, national and global relevant reviews

(18) 198TILG CEO Branding Support Team
Provides local, regional, national and global CEO profile reviews and updates
All information about the campaign must be reviewed and report to clients

(19) 198TILG Powerpoint Presentation Support Team
Provide customized powerpoint presentations and share with unique niche

(20) 198TILG Reputation Defender Support Team
Provides local, national and global reviews of all Contents to make sure they are in line with the stated mass media campaign goals

Imagine, 20,000 experts from 200 nations = 4,000,000 crafting original and unique Magnetic NewAge Hypnotic Contents directly targeting your Hungry community of advocates and supporters

From Producing Captivating Video Presentations, to Call to action Offers and Detailed Hourly! Daily and Weekly Reports of Local, Regional, National and Global Targeted Media inprints!!

This is the complete start to finish consulting service you need to insure your Mass Media campaign is a big success. This is the full Mass Media Campaign platform required for:

  • * Student projects
  • * SeedFunding
  • * Tribal Crowdfunding Campaign
  • * Agricultural Projects
  • * Medical Travel Crowdfunding projects
  • * Solar Energy Projects
  • * Scientific research
  • * Start-up Nano Technology
  • * Medical marijuana start-ups
  • * And start-ups of every kind all over the world!
  • * NonProfit Seed Fundraising Campaign
  • * Educational Related Fundraising projects
  • * Rare and Uncommon Crowdfunding Campaigns
  • * Crowdfunding to Payoff Medical Bills
  • * Crowdfunding to payoff Huge Student Loans
  • * Crowdfunding Campaign to raise funds for Overseas Rare Medical Treatments

We sit down with you to discuss your goals. We take a close look at your ideas and the experience you bring to the table.

Next we analyze your projected audience. We carefully consider the kinds of people who can be motivated to contribute to your effort.

Then we painstakingly build your Mass Media Campaign platform. You get hypnotic copy that delivers. Your video is professional in quality and builds emotion to encourage readers to pay attention to YOU!! YOUR BRAND!!, JOIN YOUR COMMUNITY AND SEEK YOU OUT AS AN EXPERT. Yes, we help you build your community of advocates and supporter before and after you launch your MASS MEDIA CAMPAIGN

Along the way we have carefully examined numerous similar MASS MEDIA CAMPAIGN efforts to make sure we are capturing all the right ingredients while avoiding problems.

Our vast collection of case studies from 198 nations and 7 continents go to help inform your custom campaign.

This is the intense, professional help you need to make your Crowdfunding the big success you need. Just imagine how good it will feel when your goal is met and the payments start to pour in.

Yes, the money is nice and necessary. But it’s also extremely gratifying to know so many people believe in you so intensely that they are willing to PAY to see your dream become a reality.

Doesn’t your idea deserve that kind of recognition? We are here to make your dream a reality.

Let’s get you started.

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You’ll receive Custom Survey to gather the right information from you

You’ll receive Free Mass Media Campaign Case Studies, closer to your campaign

You’ll receive Custom 20,000 Magnetic NewAge Hypnotic Mass Campaign Contents customized to educate your own community!!

Would’t You like to review and determine what works and what doesn’t?

Do Not Waste your valued time at what does not work and get help NOW!!